Commercial And Residential Flagpoles

Amman in Jordan holds the unsupported highest flagpole. The massive carbon steel pole is 416 feet tall and weighs in at staggering 190,000. A flagpole that is this big requires a foundation of immense weight – up to 600 tons. The foundation is bolted to by 36 carbon steel bolts. It can withstand wind speeds up to ninety mph with the flag attached. Two years of design and construction were required, and many major corporations cooperated to make it possible.

While your own flagpole project is not as difficult, the engineering concepts are identical. You must first decide the height of your flagpole, and the size of your flag. The flag’s length should be approximately 25-40% of the pole’s height.

A standard commercial flagpole stands between thirty and thirty-five feet high. You can make a statement by going shorter if you only want to decorate your front yard. A residential flagpole usually stands between 20 and 25 feet for a single- or double-story home. Your pole’s material choice is another important decision. Flagpoles made of aluminum and fiberglass have the best durability. However, they are also available in bronze and carbon steel. Wood is attractive but is not the strongest material. Wallmounted flags are mainly made from it. Fiberglass and bronze can be made in almost any color you want. For larger flagpoles, stainless steel and carbon are often reserved.

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