Are You Using These Craigslist Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Company?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been testing, analyzing, and implementing best practices for posting Craigslist ads. I discovered that I received an overwhelmingly higher response rate (ad clicks, click-throughs, and closed sales) as a result of this ongoing experiment. Visit Craigslist Ad Posting Service before reading this.

Tip #1: Don’t Mix in With the Crowd.

Craigslist visitors will never make a connection with anyone unless they find your ad within a long, unformatted list that includes hundreds of other ads. Do not get lost in the crowd. However, this is easier said than done.

– Include the key keywords potential visitors are searching in your ad titles. When users search for their keyword only, they will find your listing if you do this well. Clear communication with viewers is key to avoiding confusion and obscurity.

– Use at least one special character to make your title stand apart. These are some of the special characters I recommend you use to spice up your boring category title. To draw attention to your title, a pair left arrows (16 Alt + 16) or a couple of diamonds (4 Alt + 4) can work magic. You could also use asterisks *** to add subtlety. These characters are easy to add to your ad. Copy-paste them from this webpage. Tip – Use Firefox to make sure that your stars post correctly.

Avoid low-credibility words. Craigslist users are usually skeptics who don’t believe anything is free. Anything that is too good to believe, or smells like a Dairy (cheesy and/or B.S.), should be taken seriously. You won’t get the best responses. Craigslisters are typically bargain hunters. They will often respond to a discounted price with a time restriction. You can learn more about writing an effective call for action by reading this article.

Use the correct terminology. For real estate sections, you can use terms such as “W/D” for washer/dryer or “A Space” to describe the building classes. In the computer and creative sections, however, I have found that it is unacceptable to use terms such ‘ROI (return on investment) since many viewers are not familiar with these terms. I used a better term, namely ‘Increase Sales’ or ‘Attract More Clients’.

Tip 2. Post When Your Audience Sees You.

Craigslist categorizes each post according to when it was submitted. This helps push the most recent posts to number one. You should strive to have your poster appear at the top category’s page when your target audience browses. This is especially important in categories that receive hundreds or more posts per day. It is less important for smaller categories that only receive a few.

If you’re targeting people who work a full-time job, make sure to post your ad prior to lunch (local) The average consumer works from 11:30 to noon. However, when lunch arrives, they’re more likely than ever to surf Craigslist.

Post your business to-business services between 10am-1pm. Personal experience: I post web design services at these times. My audience starts work at 8 AM, goes through their emails, messages, and finally has a chance to check out my services at 10. The routine is the same after lunch.

Tip: Make your Ad Appealing.

You have just clicked on the ad title you created for your target, but now it is time to start the battle. You now need to convince them to take the next action (whatever it may be for you business).

– It is vital to have a visually engaging layout. Craigslist is filled with plain-text ads. They are all formatted using the default settings, which include a Times New Roman font, text that spans the width of the window and a very limited – if any – photo gallery. Do not be just another person on Craigslist. Create or hire a designer for colorful, but not overbearing graphics and formatting. If you put effort into the appearance of your advertisement, it will appear more valuable. You’ve spent more time creating a great ad and your viewers will enjoy spending more time looking at it. Craigslist’s infinite wisdom only allows you to use some basic HTML elements to arrange your ad. However, with a little patience or hiring a developer, you can make a great design that appeals specifically to your target market.

– Avoid the hard sell. There is a temptation to make your visitors buy on the spot. I understand that they may want to give them the best reasons, translate features into benefits, handle objections, and close the deal every time. Craigslist is not a place to push people for their needs. For me, this has been a great way to get my message out.

Continue to follow the theme in your title. A title should not be contradictory. Your ad should present one message and your title another. When a visitor clicks on the title of the category page, they expect to find more. It’s not surprising that they find it easy to spook easily. You can expand your title by using a call to actions so that they can take the next step easily and naturally.

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