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Starting with version Pretty Good Terminal is free for personal use and therefore the Standard Edition is discontinued. As a result, all features are supported in this single version. Corporate users are still required to purchase an Enterprise license to use PGT for business. Before you use any version of the software, you must read and accept licensing terms and conditions

For details on pricing of Enterprise Edition please go to Buy page

About AntiVirus Alerts

Many Antivirus systems will display alerts or quarantine dll files when you try installing PGT.

Don't need to worry, PGT is not a virus or malware and is not infected with such. See whitelisting confirmation

The reason for alerts is that PGT was built with an advanced .NET obfuscator to protect its assemblies against tampering. Due to obfuscation, AntiVirus software is unable to peek into the program, but rather report it as a virus.

Download latest release of PGT here :

Should you experience issues with installation or activation, please check out this page or look into Users' manual "Known issues" chapter for more information.

Beta version download

You can read about future plans and current development areas of the software on this page.

Until the final version is released you can download the latest BETA version below. A BETA version also needs activation but only DEMO license is available for these releases. Check for new features included with a release below.

Version Status

There is not BETA version available at this time

Plugins, Code and Script samples

In the following table you can find script and code samples for PGT. Script samples can be used in any edition of PGT, while code samples are for the Professional edition only

Category Description
Code C# Source code of Cisco QoS Monitor plugin
Code C# Source code of Cisco Configuration Manager plugin
Code C# Source code of CDP to VISIO plugin
Code Demo Custom Action Handler - C# code (Old version, a better and updated examples are plugins' code above)
Script Deploy new VPC ports on several Nexus 5500/7000 series switches
Excel VBA Script Sample VBA script for Excel to retrieve device properties (not updated, may not work with latest release)
Script Show uptime of several Cisco devices
Script Schedule reload on a Cisco IOS router
Script Generate an RSA key on a Cisco IOS router
Visual Script Prompts for a MAC address and searches the address in MAC and ARP table on Juniper switches.
Visual Script Check if SSH enabled, calculate RSA key length and Check VLANs on Cisco 857/867VAE IOS routers
Visual Script Get BGP AS number and update ACL110 on routers in AS 65000
Visual Script Look up next-hop address and add static route on routers in BGP AS 65100/65200
Visual Script Text logging from vScripts
Visual Script Collect Inventory/Model information from various Cisco devices
Visual Script Collect VLAN information from various Cisco devices
Visual Script Configure RADIUS authentication on APC Network Management cards used in APC PSUs and PDUs
Visual Script Deploy a QoS template on Juniper QFX and EX series switches


24th January, 2020

Version 8.7 released


24th January, 2020

SPM documentation published


30 May, 2019

New Network Map Parsers


1st June, 2018

Training Videos published

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29 September, 2016

PGT becomes free


01 April, 2016

Python script support


10 February, 2016

PGT Visual Scripting...


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