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Pretty Good Terminal is an Enterprise Network Device Scripting Tool designed to mass configure thousands of devices. Available for Windows platforms supporting the .NET 4 framework.

It is a lightweight, scriptable, programmable and extensible .NET based network configuration utility designed to mass-configure networking devices, such as Cisco routers or switches and supports SSH / Telnet connections over multiple jump servers. PGT version 7.0.0 has also introduced NETCONF connection protocol.

Supports Python scripting and script debugging for Visual Scripts and standard Python script files.

PGT excels in its ability to connect to remote devices when direct, routed connection is not available, but jump servers/routers can form a path, hop-by-hop, towards the destination

Using jump servers

A new feature of PGT is the ability to highlight terminal text based on regex pattern match.

A rule can hit a single word, a whole line or a complete indent block and define text color and basic font type. This feature makes easier and quicker to identify sections in long configurations.

Highlight rules can be exported to or imported from xml files

Terminal text highlighting

One of its great features is the Visual Script Editor. With Visual Scripting one can design, implement and debug complex scripts visually without being a programmer. with some programming knowledge, the capability of a vScript is virtually limitless. A vScript is eventually an active flowchart with elements containing optional C# or Python code.

Using Visual Scripts

Watch this short video to see Visual Script in action. As the script runs the vScript element under execution is highlighted.A breakpoint can be set on any vScript element to pause execution and watch variables to examine decisions in the control flow.

If you need sophisticated processing you can enter c# code into any element's code block. This way the CLI commands can also be constructed dynamically.

It is very easy to generate and execute a CLI script and later edit or extend it using Excel. Using Python Interactive you can quickly write, execute and debug Python scripts which execute CLI commands to collect information or configure devices. Sample scripts will guide you for the first steps. PGT's modular architecture also supports external class libraries for .NET languages to perform custom actions via a scriptable terminal interface.

The CDP Network Discovery Module was specifically designed for Cisco networks using the CDP protocol. Leveraging CDP discovery functionality and using several specific commands this module can recursively discover interconnected devices on the network and create an inventory database that can be exported to Excel separately or can be linked to a Visio drawing crafted by the module.

Using The QoS Monitor Module one can more easily troubleshoot QoS related issues on Cisco routers and Juniper switches.

The QoS Monitor is an open source PGT extension that is shipped by default with the application. The main goal of this tool is helping QoS related troubleshooting on supported devices by collecting and visualizing real-time QoS object and Interface data. The module currently supports Cisco IOS routers and Juniper EX/QFX switches.

To achieve the above goal, this tool will gather data from a device using CLI commands. The important message here is that no SNMP setup or permission is required to gather the data: the tool is using old-fashioned CLI commands and will parse the text of the command output. It is also a benefit of this method that CLI commands can be sent and the result parsed even through jump servers where SNMP would normally not be an option. As this tool is essentially a text parser, its correct functioning depends heavily on the software version and router/switch model. The tool has been tested with a couple of devices at different firmware levels, however, it is not guaranteed that it will work with any model. This would be a great opportunity to anyone having coding veins to search GitHub for PGT-CiscoQoSMonitor, clone it and customize as required.

Cisco QoS Monitor

As a development platform PGT can also be used as an SSH / Telnet library for applications. And all of this functionality is also provided through a chain of jump servers, not just for direct device connections.

For those being more familiar with VBS/WSH/PowerShell scripting, Pretty Good Terminal exposes its functionality through COM objects.

Supporting Cisco YDK-Py API

It is also possible to use Cisco YDK-Py API from Python Visual scripts or directly from Python scripts. For quick and easy script development preconfigured YDK entity - like NTP, SystemTime, RouterStatic - objects are shipped as part of Visual Script repository. The YDK-Base vScript template makes it very simple to start developing a new YDK based script.

As PGT was born as a solution to real life challenges, it has already proven its power and efficiency in production, Data Center environments and are tested on more than 50000 devices.

For a more detailed description please visit development support page or read Product Documentation and Developers' reference

PGT is in active development and as a result any errors discovered gets fixed quickly. Please check the News and Fixes pages first in case of an error as might have already been fixed in a new release.

Latest version is which can be downloaded for free here.

PGT Desktop

Pretty Good Terminal desktop

CDP to VISIO plugin to discover Cisco network

CDP to VISIO plugin

PGT Cisco Configuration Manager

PGT Cisco Configuration Manager

Scripting Project Manager

PGT Scripting Project Manager - not yet published

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9 December, 2017

Network Map is coming...


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PGT has been made free


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Python script support


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CDP to VISIO plugin


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